​​jmeck scope mounts

​Scope mounts for Mosin Nagant rifles.

​Jmeck​ scope mount installation video series

​This video series will answer many of the questions you may have about the Jmeck scope mounts. Please watch all three videos as they provide many tips on installation.

Low profile aluminum mount

Aluminum See-Thru mount

Steel Low-Profile mount

Low profile aluminum mount with Z Plate side mount adapter

Here at Jmeck scope mounts we offer two different models of Mosin Nagant scope mounts. The see-thru mount and the low-pro mount. The see-thru mount is taller and offers a tunnel in the mount base for viewing the iron sights, the low-pro mount sits 3/8ths of an inch lower for those who don't require the use of their iron sights and want their scope as low as possible. Please view all the pages on our site for additional info on mounts and other products.

Scope mount features.
1.Solid construction available in high strength 6061T anodized aluminum or steel, comes complete with fasteners and detailed installation instructions.
2.Fits all models of Mosin Nagant rifles, both Hex and round receivers.
3. Requires NO DRILLING for installation, our mounts are held on by the proven band mounting system. Since there is no drilling the installation can be done with a few common handtools in about an hour.

Ordering Email:   info @ jmeckscopemounts.com 

Aluminum See-Thru mount

Steel See-Thru mount